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The 90s were a wild time - especially in Berlin. The spirit of everything being possible, an aura of lawlessness, mixed with the euphoria of German reunification and Berlin being whole again - there was opportunity in the air, and you just had to grab it. Berlin has always been a melting pot and cultural magnet for artists & creatives from all over the world, but the 90s made it so much easier to fly in and out of town at your convenience. Out of all the interesting folks coming to Berlin, one particular group grabbed the attention of our protagonists Pe & Vossi: The bike couriers from New York City, flying in for a convention, and all equipped with their so called „Messenger Bags“ - a style of bags that was completely unheard of in the streets of Berlin at that point. A wide strap that is worn diagonally across the chest, a big front flap for easy access to whatever you’re carrying, lots of storage space, a wild mix of stickers & logos, and all made from rather unusual materials in order to make them as sturdy & waterproof as possible. 

Pe & Vossi were enchanted by these bags, it was love at first sight. The „problem“ was, our heroes were still stuck in the 90s, long before they could research these bags online, send emails across the globe, or even just order them with a click. So what do two young & inspired creatives do when faced with a situation like this? The answer can be broken down to 3 letters: DIY - do it yourself. They quickly organized a sewing machine, set it up in Vossi’s living room, and started sewing away on any material they could get their hands on. Repurposed bags & satchels, rain jackets, car safety belts, tarpaulin - no material was safe from their ambitious needles on a mission. Teaching themselves the ins & outs of sewing, basically from scratch, it didn’t take long until their first mission statement: The completion of their first messenger bag in 1993, possibly one of the first Messenger Bags in Germany (if not actually the first, but who’s counting?). 

From there, the rest is history. Coming up with the name & logo for Bagjack, opening up the first production facility in Kreuzberg in 1997 - Bagjack’s history had merely just begun, and it would take many more turns & twists, including the growing pains, the ups and downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly along the way. However, each experience, change, surprise, or collaboration with brands like Acronym or Stone Island was eventually turned into a learning, and our bags have kept evolving and improving with each iteration, all the way to today’s sophisticated Bagjack editions with all their intricate details, gadgets, and innovations. Some say perfection takes time, and even though we’d never call ourselves perfect, we keep aiming to get closer to it year after year. And since we’re almost approaching 30 years of experience, let’s just say we’ve covered quite a bit of the way already!